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wood and veneer:

  • At the beginning, the new furniture will absorb light, and needs about 6-8 weeks to consolidate the light with the color of furniture surface.? Therefore, please do not place any objects or decorations on the furniture surface, or optical absorption may be uneven and left permanent marks.
  • Don’t use water for washing, please wipe the furniture surface with warm wet cloth, and then wipe with a dry cloth.
  • Wood and veneer is very sensitive with liquid, therefore, wipe the liquid on the surface as soon as possible.
  • Be sure to use very mild cleanser for cleaning. The appropriate concentration of Cleanser and the water should be 1/4 L cleaner and 1 L warming water.

Furniture Fabrics :

  • Daily cleaning: Vacuuming regularly (once a week).
  • We recommend that you use a professional textile protector to handle your furniture fabrics, in order to avoid smudged and dust into the fabric fibers.
  • To remove the oil smear, please light wipe with no hair clean cloth which soaked with cleanser (1/4 cleanser per liter warm water), or socked with professional textile cleanser.
  • In addition to the use of the cleanser, it should be tested in small and unconspicuous place.
  • The fabric which is take-down can dry cleaning.
  • Gum and candles can be easily removed when they freezed carefully by carbon dioxide (cold spray).
  • Leather:
  • Do not allow the sunlight and heat shine on leather directly.
  • Daily cleaning should use dry soft cloth.
  • When necessary, with a clean soft cloth soaked in cleanser and shake it to dry and wipe gently.
  • Vacuum Cleaning, to use the nozzle of soft brush, in order to avoid damage by abrasion surface.
  • We recommend to use a professional leather care products.

Daily maintenance methods of cushion:

  • If possible, use regular rotation and change Cushions to extend the cushion life, and to ensure the wear uniformly after years use.
  • The cushion which is filled with foam, feathers should be swayed regularly, to ensure that the shape unchanged.
  • New sofa needs a "collaboration" period. Cushion filler needs some time usage for finalizing the design, feeling smooth and comfortable.
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